How To Forex Trading for Beginners in Hindi | Forex Trading India | Forex Underground | Review

How To Forex Trading for Beginners in Hindi | Forex Trading India | Forex Underground | Review


How To Forex Trading for Beginners in Hindi | Forex Trading India | Forex Underground | Review

Do you want to trade the Forex Market Successfully Then this video is for you In this video I will tell you why more than 90% Forex Traders fail I will tell you who controls the Forex Market and how can you earn profits in this market But first let me tell you about myself I am trading Forex since 2012 I entered forex market because I wanted financial freedom and I wanted time for myself Forex Market gives you the ability to work from the comfort of your home and you get enough time to do things that you want to do other than your profession but I didn't succeed so easily In the beginning I tried a lot of services Took my brokers recommended trades learnt Technical Analysis learnt many chart patterns learnt Elliot Wave But none of these strategies could make me successful Eventually I realized that most retail traders use these same strategies and according to the statistics, more than 90% traders fail So are these traders using the strategies in the wrong way or the strategies are flawed then after doing some research i found out that retail traders are a small percent of forex market Banks control the majority trading volumes More than 70% trading volumes are in control of the banks And after realizing this, I started to succeed Many banks have been fined for rigging the forex market But this manipulation never ends It is because banks need buyers and sellers to fill their positions But in a market where there own volumes are over 70% Where will they get buyers and sellers from? So they manipulate the retail traders [people like you and me] and make them buy when banks have to sell and make them sell when the banks have to buy And how do they do it? Let me show you an example This is Eur/Usd This is 1 hour chart You can see price made a high at this point Before falling down, price gave a stop run Price crossed this level and then rejected it And price fell after that So this was 1 example You can see this everywhere in the market Look, what did market do at this point before moving up There was a previous established low at this point Price broke that established low Look at this point, price broke the low By 11 pips And it immediately rejected the level Look, the price immediately went up And after that it didn't come down, it continued up Because banks intended to take it up It was just a manipulative move to the downside You can see this again and again Look here, price made a high And before going down price broke the established high and then moved to the downside You think this is coincidence So let me show you a big example In 2008, there was a big financial crisis Lehmann brothers failed, American and European economies crashed During the crisis, market went down by 3700 pips It continuously dropped But you can see, there was an established high before the drop Market had established a high This was the high point And after that, banks built their positions here during a period of time They were building their short positions They were selling in this market And before the huge drop The price broke that established high And what happened because of the break All the breakout traders, thought the price will go up, so they started to buy And all the traders who were short Had placed there stop loss above these highs Because the trading books teach us that place your stop loss above the recent swing high So as soon as the price broke this level, all those stop losses got triggered Because of which, buying took place When somebody is in a short position and the stop loss is hit So to cover that position, he has to buy it back Similarly, breakout traders bought at this level And what did banks do in that buying pressure They sold their position And then the banks started to push the market down And they kept on selling throughout And at this level, maybe they must have started to buy again So this happens all the time Banks sell at the top And make retail traders buy And at the bottom they again buy and make retail traders sell by manipulating them So guys, how can you take advantage of this information Learn my Strategy Firstly, we identify the liquidity levels I list liquidity levels each day in Daily Market Update You will find this playlist on the channel After this we wait for a Stop Run candle in London and New York trading session Stop Run candle has to break liquidity level by 3 or more pips Only then it is considered as a valid stop run candle Let me show you an example This will help you understand the Stop Run candle So this was the liquidity level on Eur/Usd and This level was broken by the candle by 5.8 pips This candle So that is why it is termed as a Stop Run candle Before that This candle broke this level But it broke it by only 1/2 a pip That is why this candle is not a stop run candle Stop run candle has only one rule That it has to break liquidity level by 3 or more pips After that we wait for a confirming candle In this case, the confirming candle was this one So what is a confirming candle Confirming candle has only 2 rules It has to close below the body of its previous candle and It has to close in its lower 1/3rd This rule reverses in case of a long set up So in this case the candle has to close above the body of its previous candle and It has to close in its upper 1/3rd So watch what happened in this case This candle was the stop run candle [No. 1 candle] Its close was at this point And the confirming candle closed at this point So it closed below the body of its previous candle First rule is satisfied, now what is the 2nd rule It has to close in its lower 1/3rd So this candle is 10.7 pips long What is 1/3rd of 10.7 pips I think it is 3.5 pips So it has to close in its lower 1/3rd, i.e. within 3.5 pips And this candle closed within 2 pips, so it can be considered as a confirming candle After confirming candle has formed, then we wait for a pullback Pullback candle means that the price should come back So that we can take our trade at a better price I use a Stop Loss of maximum 20 pips So in this case I place my stop loss 5 pips above the highs of stop run candle So I wait for price to pullback to a price where it is within 15 pips from the highs 15 pips or less than that In this case, we took the trade as soon as the next candle opened after the confirming candle Because as you can see, we had these highs Our confirming candle closed 13 pips below the highs So we took the trade just at the start of this candle And where do we place our take profit We have a 2:1 reward to risk ratio This means, that if our stop loss is of 20 pips Then our take profit will be at 40 pips So in this case, we entered the market 13 pips away from the highs And we placed our stop loss 5 pips above the highs So the total is 18 pips So in this example, our take profit will be placed at 36 pips So this is our strategy I select liquidity levels everyday on this channel I describe the trades of the previous day And select the levels to trade from for the current trading day So click the subscribe button so that you don't miss these videos To understand my strategy deeply, you can also purchase my book Secret of Forex Its link is in the description box That is all for this video I wish you a successful trading career Until next time, Happy Trading.

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  1. Great Information.. This video is so accurate in describing the way banks manipulate us.

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